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New post! RT @Aclipse: A Teacher Attends

New post! RT @Aclipse: A Teacher Attends TEDxYouth Talks in Busan, Korea


New Post! #yum RT @Aclipse: Mandu Mania:

New Post! #yum RT @Aclipse: Mandu Mania: Great Dumplings in South Korea

Latest Post RT @Aclipse: Making a Wish a

Latest Post RT @Aclipse: Making a Wish at the Water Temple in Busan, South Korea #busan #buddhism

A Much Needed Update, My Latest Posts from Awhile Back

Hey all! Sorry about the recent lack of posting here, I have been blogging with Aclipse, but neglected to forward those links to this blog. Never fear though! The following are some of my more recent posts:

On Taking the GMAT

Thailand Travel



Jeju Island


Family Visits Parts: I, II, and III

Sorry about the time lapse. I will be back home in the USA relatively soon, mid-June, but before then I plan on more travel and a lot more posting. See you then!


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