Goodbye Seoul, Last Impressions

Hey guys! I made it through training! It was a very busy week, to say the least. First, I went through extremely efficient medical exams in a hospital that smelled like oranges and sported luxurious white couches. It was like a spa, but you were shuttled around through different medical exams instead of in and out of different saunas.

So that was nice, but training got intense once I got to the training center! It limited my time in Seoul, after training I just went back to the room and studied/mock taught forever. Now, I feel I’ve got the material and methodology down though, and I can’t wait to start teaching in Busan!

Ok, well, here are some photo highlights:


Looking up after getting lost, a sculptural treat!


Funny thing about the subway, fast closing doors on heart clasp purses!


The most delicious things I’ve had in Seoul, walnut treats! Or walnut bread? I’m not sure actually…


A wavy building, also found while lost.


On the bus coming back from training! A tired, but happy, me.


Super blowfish restaurant!


One of the many iced teas I tried that week, this one was much better than the corn iced tea!


Seoul underground subway mall. Reminiscent of the Cosmopolitan in Vegas right?


More cool buildings!


A golden hands statue!


A very cool curvy sculpture.


An egg structure!


Eating noodles! It was a lunch special and one of my last meals in Seoul

Eating noodles! It was a lunch special and one of my last meals in Seoul

Miss you all!

즐거운 저녁 되세요!


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One thought on “Goodbye Seoul, Last Impressions

  1. cara nicole says:

    SO awesome!

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