To Seoul!

I made it you guys! I made it to Korea! Me and my two large suitcases and two carry-ons stepped onto the South Korean turf of the Incheon-Seoul International airport yesterday night. It was similar to many other international airports, sleek and streamlined and ideal for arriving-passenger-herding to the baggage claim. I was sad to leave the plane because I took a Singapore Airlines flight and, number one, the flight attendant’s outfits were gorgeous. Number two, the inflight entertainment was crazy amazing (600 channels of movies!). Number three, the food was delicious and plentiful, and number four, I was a bit nervous about landing and dreading donning my large backpack yet again.

Well, I was not in control of the plane, so we landed smoothly without any hold ups and I hauled my things to the immigration line. Which was unremarkable except for the fingerprinting machine they had. Do they have those everywhere? I don’t recall, but these were very official-looking. From there I picked my other bags up at the claim and shuffled around to where I thought I might be able to buy a bus ticket. Hm, wrong way. Then I ran into a taxi man who assured me it would be easier to take a cab but I was insistent on following the printed out detailed instructions given to me by Chungdahm, and he looked them over and pointed in another direction, which I went in, but got lost, and finally found a bright yellow transportation help station! The lady inside wrote down the bus number I needed and I changed my USD to South Korean won, bought a ticket (with a tiny snafu in which I comically miscounted the amount of zeros on some of the won bills, 10000 won is like 10 dollars! Crazy. Too many zeros.), and was on my way to Seoul! The bus was luxurious, with seats that laid waaaaay back and lulled my to sleep. I did spot red fog brushing mountain tips and some multi-colored rainbow light bridges before drifting off though! So that was my first glimpse of the city.

Next step, bus to cab and cab to hotel. I’m staying at the Coatel, in Gangnam, and it’s super nice. Heated wooden floors and two tvs and a kitchen included. I’m waiting on two more roommates to join me but for now I feel like a million bucks! Or a billion won? Who knows. It’s nice though, and I included some quick glimpses for you below:

Living Room

Living Room

View from my window!

View from my window!

View below my window!

View below my window!

Kitchen View

Kitchen View

Thanks for reading! Next post will be more exciting (with more pictures) I promise.




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2 thoughts on “To Seoul!

  1. Amy Silverstein says:

    Yay! A great start to your adventure! We miss you here but look forward to following your blog. Your apartment looks so nice! We are busy preparing for Passover and will think of our wandering jews (you and Harrison this year) during the seder. Any matzah in Seoul? Sending lots of love Gangnam-style, Amy

  2. Paul and/or Harriet Rosen says:

    Thanks so much for including us in your distribution list. Your journey sounds very exciting and we’re glad you arrived safely. We really enjoyed your visit with us and look forward to visiting you somewhere on your side of the world when and where you’re ready. Much love, Granny & Poppy

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