Chillin’ with Cubism

Cubism (Art and Ideas) by Neil Cox                                           Phaidon (2000) Paperback

Alright you may think you’re seeing a trend here now, but I swear I am not in any way affiliated with Phaidon Press (although honestly I wish I were). My eye was immediately drawn to this volume because of its’ solid white spine and tiny reproduction of Picasso’s Guitar in the center. Their book designs just pop and I can’t resist taking them down from the crowded library shelves!

In any case, the introduction explains that this book will delve not only into cubism’s aesthetic characteristics but also historical and political questions surrounding the cubist movement that made it what it is. Cubism covers the origin of cubism and how it took off in Paris, how cubism expanded around the world, cubist philosophies, and cubism today. In the back is a glossary, brief biographies, key dates, a map of Europe at the end of the 20th century, recommendations for further reading, and, of course, an index. In short, all you may ever need to know! Cox’s writing is comprehensive and easy to follow, and the reproductions of cubist masterpieces are amazing. Once again, a fantastic art and ideas book by Phaidon Press.

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