Rodin, A Romantic Read

Rodin (World of Art) by Bernard Champigneulle                  Thames & Hudson (1999) Paperback

I love Rodin! I love his work and reading about his love affair with his student and protege Camille Claudel, it is just too juicy to ignore. So, I was happy to find this cute little stylish black book and even more overjoyed by the foreword. Champigneulle writes a very touching personal account of his own induction into the art world involving Rodin’s sculpture. He sees writing this book as repaying a debt he owed to Rodin for showing him how art can tap into something deeper within people. That deep affection for the artist comes out in each page of Rodin.

There’s a lot of text in this book, but Champigneulle’s engaging tone holds the reader through this detailed biography, which chronicles many of Rodin’s works through different periods in his life. How and why each work was created is fully explained along with Rodin’s inspiration at the time. Champigneulle discusses Rodin’s sculpture lyrically allowing for smooth transitions of reading and looking at Rodin’s work. Overall it’s a great biography, the author’s appreciation for the artist carries straight through to the reader. Rodin Museum in Philidelphia, here I come!

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