Collage Conundrum

Along with reading about and looking at art, I occasionally take it upon myself to see what I can do as an artist, namely collages. I make collages mostly while watching television and get my inspiration from whatever magazine is handy (and no one minds me furiously snipping away at).

So here are a couple! Titles included. My question is, is this art? There was definitely a process and thought went into where each snippet would end up, yet I have trouble seeing it as art, as it’s more of a hobby than an artistic endeavor. What do you think, art or craft?

Dog on Head

Tree of Monty Python

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One thought on “Collage Conundrum

  1. Amy Silverstein says:

    I think it would be difficult to argue that it is not art for you have created something original despite the fact that the building blocks of your endeavor were not originally your creations. You have applied your vision and aesthetic and created something new. Whether it is a hobby or not, does not detract, in my opinion, from the argument that it is art. If you, the creator are confident in your opinion that it is art, then it is.

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